Grade 2 - Eustace The Black

Composer: Nathan Cahill

Grade: Grade 2

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Duration 2:30min


 Noble, monk, then pirate: from the early 13th century emerges the true story of Eustace - a pirate who wasn't afraid to switch sides for a fight (and then celebrate into the night!)

Featuring original themes, call and response phrases, simple time changes and homages to several well-known piratey motifs (how many can you pick?), this achievable piece will engage and challenge developing bands...

...and YES, you have to do the “Arr’s”! - Nathan Cahill

Instrumentation: Fl 1 2, Ob, Bsn, Cl 1 2, Bs Cl, A Sx 1 2, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn, Tpt 1 2, Tbn 1 2, Euph (BC & TC), Tba, Bs Guit (opt.), Tymp, Sn Dr, B Dr, Field Drum, Tambourine, Tam-tam, Sleigh Bells, Glock

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