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For Midwest 2023, we are excited to announce the release of the second installment in our Expanding the Canon Series: Chorales From An Inclusive Repertoire. This new resource is a fresh entry of 14 original works into the chorale idiom. This resource allows not only for much needed musical growth for the medium, but also an important step in diversifying the voices present in the chorale space, which has yet to be well explored.
Edited by Eric Laprade, the resource is scored in SATB format, with part books provided in the typical band transpositions, so that each instrument has the option of performing the S,A,T, or B part. Serving as either a supplement to your concert performances of works from this group of composers, or as an entry point for introducing these voices to your students, the fourteen chorales are presented as follows:
Chorale 1, Cuyahoga by Nicole Piunno
Chorale 2, Suspended in a Dream by Steve Danyew
Chorale 3, Evening River by Cait Nishimura
Chorale 4, Lullaby (Jenn's Version) by Jennifer Jolley
Chorale 5, Indigo Dusk by Sally Lamb McCune
Chorale 6, Cloud Dreams by Kevin Day
Chorale 7, Como Bach by Giovanni Santos
Chorale 8, Ceremony of Mirrors by Steve Danyew
Chorale 9, Recollection by Lindsay Bronnenkant
Chorale 10, Orange Dawn by Sally Lamb McCune
Chorale 11, Scioto by Nicole Piunno
Chorale 12, Flow by Viet Cuong
Chorale 13, A Song for David Dickerson by Giovanni Santos
Chorale 14, Majestic Wonder by Kevin Day


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