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Introducing our first textbook, Expanding the Canon is a collection of conducting excerpts representing a broader range of composers than typically seen in undergraduate conducting classes. 

Compiled by Andrew Yozviak and Chris DeVona, the text features a host of compositions from the Murphy Music Press catalog, reduced to a SATB voicing, and curated to include musical excerpts that serve to build beginning, intermediate, and advanced conducting skills. Expanding the Canon does not seek to be a replacement for your preferred conducting textbook, but rather an anthology of excepts to supplement the building of functional skills from the podium.

Excerpted compositions include works from: Kimberly Archer, Katahj Copley, Viet Cuong, Kevin Day, Kelijah Dunton, Jennifer Jolley, Cait Nishimura, Nicole Piunno, Giovanni Santos, and a host of historical composers from the public domain, organized into three parts: Fundamental Skills, Progressing Skills, and Complete Works, suitable for longer forms of assessment.


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