Grade 1.5 - Electric Breakdance

Composer: Benjamin Taylor

Grade: Grade 1.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Sound file and score preview here: Electric Breakdance (grade 1) with audio track - BENJAMIN DEAN TAYLOR, composer (

NB- Soundtrack file will be emailed to you once Score & Parts are printed - there will be no download link with this order

This work is part of a collection of works called the "Blue Dot Collective".

The idea for this suite of pieces came from discussions with many of my instrumental music educator colleagues regarding the noticeable lack of compound duple and triple meter works for young band and orchestra.  We all agreed that teaching compound meter was not really more challenging than simple meter, but few works exist to apply the skills learned. I find pride in the number of pieces I have commissioned for young band and my good friend Benjamin Taylor seems up for most of my wild composition ideas. I approached him with the idea that the members of Blue Dot Collective could each write a new work in a variety of compound meters; 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8, and score them for young band as well as string orchestra. What came from this idea was six wonderfully creative works for young band and string orchestra now known as the Blue Dot Collection. The six works range in difficulty from grade .5 to grade 2. Each work fits the limits of range, length, and rhythmic complexity typically found in simple meter works of the same difficulty level. My students have enjoyed the challenge that each piece presents, but also find them to be creative twists on the young band composition model. I know your students will enjoy them as much as mine and you will find a new passion for young band and orchestra literature.

Samuel Fritz, band director at Center Grove Middle School Central, Greenwood, Indiana. 



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