Grade 2.5 - A Flicker In Time

Composer: Benjamin Taylor

Grade: Grade 2.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Sound file and score preview here: A Flicker in Time (grade 2.5) - BENJAMIN DEAN TAYLOR, composer (

Note from Consortium Director

The title "A Flicker In Time" is drawn from a quote in Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness. The original phrase reads: " a flash of lightening in the clouds. We live in the flicker." One of the main factors that had led to organizing this particular consortium was our celebration of the tenth-year anniversary of Willowcreek Middle School.

Our particular region in Utah features large valleys between great mountains. There is a rich heritage of pioneers and exploration. It is also an area that continues to grow and develop. Dr. Taylor and I felt strongly that the music should represent these aspects of exploration, ascension, development, and hope. We wanted to recognize the youthfulness of our performers, their present moment in time, the lessons of the past, and the endless hope for the future.

We decided at the beginning of this project that we would involve the students of Willowcreek Middle School in naming this work. Upon completion of the first draft, the students were able to visit with Dr. Taylor via skype and hear his musical ideas, textures, and structure for this unnamed work. While the music itself was inspired by our original discussions, we wanted the students to first hear without initially knowing our original thoughts and inspirations.

This experience was an interesting process to say the least. The majority of the students' suggestions related to exploration, celebrations, ascension, and epic adventures. In the end, a general story of a journey was adapted. "A Flicker In Time" represents the path that we are on and our own moment in time. It is a joyful acknowledgement of the past, future, and present.

Like the lives of these students, we stand on the shoulders of the past, with an anticipation of the adventures ahead. This is our time. This work pays tribute to our own youthful adventures and journeys along this path as it ascends between the clouds.

David Faires, band director Willowcreek Middle School, Lehi, UT

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