Grade 2.5 - Intergalactic Fanfare

Composer: Matt Neufeld

Grade: Grade 2.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Intergalactic Fanfare tells the story of a young space pilot who embarks on an adventure in deep space! The pilot starts their journey, has a brush with danger, but squeaks through by the seat of their pants. The pilot then triumphantly returns from their voyage, stronger, smarter, wiser, but still just as self-assured as they were before.

Concert Band Level 2.5

6/8 time, Eb Major

Take your band to the stars! Intergalactic Fanfare is a fast 6/8 feature for level 2 concert band. This piece is designed for more advanced bands that either need an introduction or refresher to 6/8 time. Ranges are consistent with level 2, and there is a little more independence in parts, but the rhythms are simple 6/8 rhythms, with no sixteenth notes in ANY part.

Sound File & Score Preview here: Intergalactic Fanfare — MATT NEUFELD MUSIC

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