Grade 3.5 - Skyline

Composer: Tim Middleton

Grade: Grade 3.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Composed by Perth's own Tim Middleton, this fresh and energetic concert march is inspired by the instantly recognisable city skyline of our beautiful Perth. The distinctive shapes of our city's iconic buildings, many owned by big mining companies, help to shape the identity of our city as one which is a headquarters for resource development, exploration and export. We are a rich State largely because of the labour of our FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) workforce and Perth has always been a "boom or bust" city. These are things unique to Perth among other Australian capital cities and are reflected in the city skyline for all who come here from around the world to see.

Duration 2:55 min

Instrumentation: Picc, Fl 1 2, Ob, Bsn,  Cl 1 2 3, Bs Cl, A Sx 1 2, T Sx 1 2, B Sx, F Hn 1 2 3 4, Tpt 1 2 3, Tbn 1 2, Bs Tbn, Euph (BC & TC), Tuba, String Bass (opt.), Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals

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