Symphony Orchestra - Advanced - Worlds Within Worlds

Composer: Sally Greenaway

Grade: Advanced / Professional

Category: Symphony Orchestra

Additional Notes: Arr. Matt Klohs

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Duration 7:35 min

"All of nature in its awful vastness and incomprehensible complexity is in the end interrelated - worlds within worlds within worlds: the seen and the unseen. Every decision, every action mirrors, ripples, reflects and echoes throughout the whole of creation. The world is indeed bound with secret knots."

- Valentine Worth (Thomas P. Kelley)

Greenaway’s Worlds within worlds is an exploration into perspective. Lurching into an energetic fanfare depicting a bustling evolving metropolis: the city's continuous construction is referenced by driving rhythms and ostinato undercurrents. 

We then enter the realm of a secluded courtyard, hidden from view, entered by a narrow laneway. The solitude of this secret world sings through long sweeping melodies.

An abrupt interruption with muted brass returns us to the concrete calamity - the corporate world at its most monotonous.

But what of a bird’s eye view? Flying high and observing the jarring and chaotic architectural aspect below...

Worlds Within Worlds is inspired by two artistic installations:

Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven - hundreds of small birdhouses nestled in amongst the branches of trees in London's CBD parklands. The way in which the little birdhouses were constructed and installed is reminiscent of residents living stacked up amongst one-another in apartments.

Chaos at the Sky Regatta - a wall mural in the adolescent’s ward in Canberra Hospital by Paul Summerfield, featuring a jovial scene of whimsical imaginary flying objects above a wonderfully obtuse cityscape.


Instrumentation: Fl 1 2 3 (dbl Picc), Ob 1 2, Eng Hn, Bsn 1 2, Cbsn, Bb Clar 1 2, Bs Clar, F Horn 1 2 3 4, C Tpt 1(dbl. Eb) 2 3, Tbn 1 2, Bs Tbn, Tuba, Timp, Sn Dr, Bs Dr, Sus Cym, Glock, Crotales, Harp, Celesta, Piano, Violin 1 2 3 4, Viola 1 2, Violoncello 1 2, Double Bass

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