Australian Big Band - Advanced - The Stinger's Apprentice

Composer: Roger Schmidli

Grade: Advanced / Professional

Category: Big Band

Additional Notes: Bass Feature

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Bass Guitar Feature

The Stinger’s Apprentice is a funk/rock (slap) chart for an advanced electric bass player and jazz ensemble. I originally wrote this for my son, Patrick to play and feature as a young guest artist with the Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra when he was 16 years old. He had a wonderful bass teacher who is a great friend of mine, Kim May whose nickname around Melbourne's scene is 'Stinger'. Hence the title.

It’s an incredibly fun chart for the whole band to play live, and there have been many other brave souls who've taken on this bass part. It has been played in France, the US and even by the Australian Army Band (who did a fantastic job too!) - Roger Schmidli

Recorded by the Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orchestra (DMJO) - Melbourne

Duration 6:20 min


Instrumentation: Standard Big Band 

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