Brass Band - B/C Grade - City Fanfare and Celebration

Composer: Tim Middleton

Grade: B/C Grade

Category: Brass Band

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The City of Perth Brass Band was founded in 1898 and celebrated it’s 125th anniversary in 2023.

“City Fanfare and Celebration” was commissioned to celebrate this anniversary and draws inspiration from the band’s song, the Welsh melody “Men of Harlech”.

 The composition begins with a fanfare to celebrate the Band’s achievements and includes snippets of melodies from the band song. The second section introduces a lively melody played first by the Solo Cornet, then taken up by other instruments, which is inspired by traditional brass band music styles over the years the band has been in existence.

 The chorale movement contains a traditional arrangement, as well as a reharmonisation of “Men of Harlech” reflecting on the old and new history of the band.

 The main melody then returns and then at the Coda, the fanfare is reprised to complete the celebration of the band.

Standard Brass Band Instrumentation plus 4 Percussionists 

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