Brass Band - C/D Grade - Together in Spirit

Composer: Martyn Hancock

Grade: C/D Grade

Category: Brass Band

Additional Notes: Arr. Paul De Cinque

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Composed in early 2022, the quick march, Together in Spirit, is a reflection of the extraordinary resilience displayed globally throughout a period of historic uncertainty and separation.

The world was, and still is at the time of this composition, experiencing unprecedented natural disasters, political instability, and a global pandemic that has prevented families, friends, and loved ones from physically uniting for several years. Only through modern technology, or thought, were many able to be together in spirit. 

This uplifting march captures the strength, courage, cheerfulness in the face of adversity, and positivity achieved worldwide during such unparalleled difficult times.



This work was originally composed for Wind Ensemble and has been arranged with permission for Brass Band by Paul de Cinque.

Duration 2:45min

Standard Brass Band Instrumentation plus 3 Percussionists (plus optional tympani)

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