Grade 1.5 - In Pursuit

Composer: Nathan Cahill

Grade: Grade 1.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Score and Parts PDF delivery. Duration 2 min


Get ready to run!  The chase is on - don’t get caught, and don’t stop to catch your breath for too long… you never know what’s waiting around the corner! 

This piece for junior band features easy melodic lines within a limited range, plus the challenge of driving rhythms supported throughout the ensemble. While all sections are featured stylistically, the beginning mallet percussionist will definitely lead the chase in this nail-biter! - Nathan Cahill

Instrumentation: Fl 1 2, Ob, Cl 1 2, Bs Cl, A Sx, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn, Tpt 1 2, Low Brass/Bassoon, Tba, Vibes (or Xylo), Sn Dr, Bs Dr, Triangle, Whip, Sus Cym

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