Grade 3.5 - Aurora Musis Amica

Composer: Sally Greenaway

Grade: Grade 3.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Duration 3:00 min


Opening with a soundscape reminiscent of the dawn bursting into colour over a still lake, the piece unfolds into an uplifting and hopeful fanfare before fading back into a wash of colours for the final bars.

Not a traditional fanfare, the piece evokes images of Canberra, Australia located between Sydney to the North and Melbourne to the South. The opening bowed metallic percussion give a sense of that first ray of light coming from the horizon over Lake Burley Griffin and the towering National Carillon. With an ascending fifth, from G to D, the French Horn summons the sun to rise further, stirring the Australian wildlife. In its entirety, the opening is a vivid crescendo leading to a remarkably clear and rich blue sky as Solo Trumpet gives the first statement of the fanfare, with a dance-like harmonic underpinning from the woodwinds.
(program notes written by Eric Posner)

Here I am, contemplating the dawn again.
This early morning time has become irresistible,
a moment with my thoughts and with awesome splendor.
Often there are no words that can express the awareness
of the universe as I watch light wash over the horizon.
Dawn is friend of the muses.
Aurora musis amica.

Instrumentation: Fl 1 2, Oboe, Bassoon, Bb Cl 1 2, Bs Cl, A Sax 1 2, T Sax, B Sax, C Tpt (optional), Bb Tpt 1 2 3, F Hns 1 2 (3rd part optional), Trom 1 2, Eupho, Tuba, Percussion (Bass Drum, Triangle, Cymbals, Tubular Bells, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone), Harp (optional piano subsitution).                  


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