Grade 3.5 - It Is Well With My Soul

Composer: Cam McAllister

Grade: Grade 3.5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Duration 4:05 min


 This timeless classic has long been a staple of the sacred music offering in Wind Ensembles and other bands around the world. Cam McAllister has applied some fantastic harmonic creativity to the simple melody, creating a new and fresh version of a well known work.

The strong jazz influence in Cam's works sees a refreshing addition to the soundscape for Australian wind ensembles to enjoy. His expert orchestration and harmonic voicing mean that the extended chords work quite easily and don't provide too difficult a challenge to players at Intermediate Band level. We love his sound, and we know you will too!


Instrumentation: Fl 1 2, Ob, Bsn 1 2, Bb Cl 1 2 3 4, Bs Cl, A Sx 1 2, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn 1 2 3 4, Tpt 1 2 3 4 (1 & 2 doubling Cornet), Tbn 1 2, Bs Tbn, Euph (BC & TC), Tba, Dbl Bs, Sn Dr, Sus Cym, Cr Cym, Piano (opt.)

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