Grade 4 - Nostalgie

Composer: Matt Klohs

Grade: Grade 4

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Nostalgie - (fr.) a wistful or sentimental longing for places, things, acquaintances, or conditions belonging to the past.

Often evoking a mix of emotions, some sad and melancholic, and others warm and pleasant; nostalgia is the remembering or recalling of things from a bygone era. For me it is the memory of loved ones now departed, places I have lived during happy times in my life, and the earliest childhood memories of a house full of laughter and love. All of these recalled images, and many more, bring about a feeling of fond reminiscence whenever I take the time to sit still and quietly contemplate parts of my life's journey so far. I have been abundantly blessed to live a life that has been full of love and music, joy and sadness, success and failure, work and play. I wanted to write this piece with a view to taking the listener, and the musicians, on their own journey of nostalgic memories from their past. I do hope it brings joy, warmth and a sense of growth to all who perform it and those who hear it performed.

Duration 5 1/2 min

Instrumentation: Picc, Fl 1 2, Ob 1 2, Cor Ang, Bsn 1 2, CBsn, Cl 1 2 3, Bs Cl, A Sx 1 2, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn 1 2 3 4, Tpt 1 2 3, Tbn 1 2, B Tbn, Euph, Tba, Tymp, BD, Tt, Cym, Glock, Vib.                       

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