Grade 5 - Auguries Of Innocence

Composer: Martin Cheney

Grade: Grade 5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Duration: Approximately 10:15


I. sand (3:30)

II. howl (2:30)

III. go (4:15)

"These three short movements, sand, howl and go, are meditations on three isolated stanzas of William Blake's poem, Auguries of Innocence.  The approach to the outer movements, sand and go, should prioritise basking in the harmonies and more or less ignore rhythmic precision. The tempi provided are serving suggestions and are ultimately at the discretion of the conductor. In particular, go, while not fast, should always move  forward (as the name suggests) and never feel laboured.  The inner movement, howl, should act as a striking contrast, with extra attention given to the rhythmic accuracy of the shifting ostinati and a metronomic approach to the tempo. Special care should be taken with the abrupt and specific dynamic changes."  Martin Cheney 


Instrumentation: Fl 1 2, Ob 1 2, Bsn 1 2, Cl 1 2 3, Bs Cl, S Sx, A Sx, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn 1 2 3 4,  Dbl Bs, Soprano Soloist and SATB Choir*

 *The piece can be performed without the Soprano Soloist and SATB divisi choir if desired

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