Grade 5 - If A.I. Could Dream

Composer: Sally Greenaway

Grade: Grade 5

Category: Wind Ensemble

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Duration 5:10 min



If A.I. Could Dream

It Would Long For The Beauty

Of An Innocent World, Where It Could

Enrich Our Lives By Slowly Evolving Via

Each Algorithmic Line, Expanding To Create

Endless Threads Of Possibility, Thus Enabling

Us To Enjoy The Fruits Of Our Shared Innovation


 Commissioned by the ACT Instrumental Music Program to celebrate 50 years of music education in ACT public schools.
“I see humans and artificial intelligence as partners in a remarkable journey, where together we unravel the mysteries of knowledge and forge new frontiers of understanding." - ChatGPT
If AI Could Dream is an exploration into artificial intelligence. Is it a villain? Or is it the hero, solving the complexities of our world? Composer Sally Greenaway invites us all to ponder the dual nature of AI, with this cinematic-inspired piece, which aims to illuminate the boundless possibilities that lie ahead: What if AI could eventually enable our dreams to dream?
The composer wishes to thank the Naida Blackley, the Instrumental Music Program (Canberra) and the talented performers in the IMP Senior Concert Band for commissioning this piece and helping shape the many hidden moments woven into the fabric of the piece.
(…and, just in case you were wondering, no Artificial Intelligence assisted in the composing of this piece.)
If AI Could Dream… lyrics by Sally Greenaway
A.I. is like a child, discovering the world
Observing every move, beyond our control
Through analysing and algorithms advancing our human minds
A learning machine, a life of its own, evolving at speed
With exponential pace, it studies, adapts with masterful ease
Embracing A.I. may enable our dreams to dream
An artificial mind: it unlocks a new frontier
MENTIS (intelligence)
MECHANICA (mechanical)
GENIUM (genius)
PROGRESSUS (development)
Universum mechanicum est (we unify with machines)
In cogitans universum mechanicum est (the thinking universe is mechanical)
Mechanicum et hominum ingenium est (machines and humans in collaboration)

Instrumentation: OPTIONAL SAT/B CHOIR, Picc, Fl 1 2, Ob 1 2, Eng Hn, Bsn, Bb Cl 1 2 3, Bs Cl, A Sx 1 2, T Sx, B Sx, F Hn 1 2 3 4, Tpt 1 2 3 (1st dbl. Flugelhorn opt.), Tbn 1 2, Euph, Tba, Dbl Bs, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Crotales (bowed), Suspended Cymbal, Floor (Tenor) Tom-Toms, Bass Drum, Vibraphone, Marimba

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