String Orchestra - Intermediate - Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle

Composer: Levi Whitworth

Grade: Intermediate

Category: String Orchestra

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Duration 3:55 min


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Program Notes:

Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle is a beautiful French Christmas carol from the 17th century, which tells the story of two girls spreading the news of the newly born baby Jesus early on Christmas morning.

Often, the carol is performed at a very lively tempo (much as the source material would have been prior to its adaption as a Christmas carol in the 1900s,) however, in this setting I wanted to make an attempt at evoking a more subdued atmosphere.

This decision was inspired by Georges de La Tour’s painting Le Nouveau-né (c. 1648) which depicts two women watching over a baby - often interpreted as the virgin Mary and St Anne watching over the baby Jesus. The peaceful simplicity and profound tenderness of de La Tour’s incredible painting was a guiding force in the composition of this particular arrangement. - Levi Whitworth

Arranged for String Orchestra by Matt Klohs


Violin 1a 1b, Violin 2a 2b, Viola, Cello 1 2, Dbl Bs

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