String Orchestra - Junior - Andean Dance

Composer: Daniel Rojas

Grade: Junior / Youth

Category: String Orchestra

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Duration 2:25 min

Andean Dance draws its inspiration from the huayno (or wayno), a lively dance-song genre widespread throughout the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. Two ubiquitous rhythmic cells appear throughout much of the huayno repertoire and can be heard in this piece.

The composer insists that performers genuinely enjoy playing this piece! While rhythmic accuracy, adept intonation, and balance are crucial, fostering a positive musical experience for each musician remains a vital aspect of the aesthetic of Andean Dance.



Violin I

Violin II

Violin III (doubles Viola except notes below Violin range)

Viola (doubles Violin III except notes below Violin range)


Double Bass

Optional Percussion: a drum of some description or woodblock, or similar

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